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The Novels

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The Robin Ashurst Trilogy


Illicit Deception

Robin Ashurst works long hours as manager of The Limes, a cliff top hotel in Devon owned by the enigmatic and volatile Hansen Mullhenny.

 Life is never the same again for Robin when a mysterious French lady and her young companion check into the hotel.  Unwittingly, he is dragged into a world of political intrigue, disturbing secrets and jewel theft. He faces charges of espionage, lies and exposing government secrets.

The darker things get, the closer he is….. to danger and deception!


Running Flush

As a successful hotel owner and family man, Robin Ashurst should be content with life. But he is not. Gambling gives him the thrills that his life lacks. One night, something extraordinary happens and he wins a game of poker with a running flush. His prize is a beautiful hotel on an Italian island.
For Robin and his family, another dark adventure begins as the island is the headquarters of a sinister underworld criminal organization dealing in money laundering and trafficking of human body parts. Robin faces violence, corruption and intense fear as he seeks to expose the ruthless and murderous gang leaders!

Six Miles with a Pink Geranium

After the death of his father and a chance meeting in Tunis with his old boss, Hansen Mulhenny, Robin is asked again for his assistance. This time, to pick up a convicted criminal on his release from a German prison and take him to Robin’s hotel on an Italian island. On their way through Europe, the gangster is assassinated. Subsequent events lead Robin back into the murky world of international terrorism and gangster dealings of extortion and violence. When his wife suddenly vanishes without a trace, Robin and his children are left alone to deal with the anguish of a missing mother.  The longer she is missing, the more he starts to question her allegiance and honesty.
His relationship and his future are now at stake. Will he discover the truth in time?

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