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The New Normal?

As the PM announces his roadmap to freedom this week, it gives me chance to reflect on my own journey over the last month or so and map out a clear marketing and self-publishing route for myself. Last Monday evening, my publisher and I had a great insight into how Paul, from Love Audio narrates and edits my book, Illicit Deception. I had no idea how much concentration is required to get the right continuity, pace and flow. Its only human nature to stumble over a word or two so Paul expertly showed us how he cut, edit and spliced together any bits to get that pitch perfect narration. You can follow Paul on his u-tube channel - Making an audiobook. What's Involved? We hope to be releasing the audiobook in the next month or so. It will be available to purchase from my website as a flashdrive or downloable from a number of online platforms

I'm curently finalising the next Robin Ashurst novel before I pass it onto the capable hands of my editor who will edit, proofread and format ready for publication. 'Six Miles with a Pink Geranium' is the last in the trilogy and starts the final story of Rob at his father's funeral in Tunis. Do we ever discover his father's secret? Yet again, he is drawn into the murky world of international crime.

I have also set up my own u-tube channel so if you want a taster of what the books are about, please subscribe to Jack Lench.

This week I have my vaccination jab (gulp!) Stay safe!

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