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Cabin Fever!

Europe is still in lock-down due to Covid-19 so being confined to barracks has given me some time to work on new storylines and ideas.

I have started to write the next book called Bullet of Sorrow. Essentially its about how misunderstandings in life can have far reaching consequences. The immediate fall out splits up the family and impacts on relationships


On a lighter note, I am ever nearer to publishing the first in the Robin Ashurst trilogy, Illicit Deception. Attempting to navigate the minefields of self publishing has been challenging, to say the least. I have studied formatting, margins, indents and trim sizes until I feel dizzy. The decisions to be made are mindblowing! Should I go 'wide' or stay with one online platform, like KPD select? Do I publish in paperback, e-book or audiobook? I will set my course, put up the mainsail and head into the wind. Just hope I see land soon!!

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