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Hear It From Me

  • I hated English at school. The English teacher didn’t like me either. He said that I never checked my work for spelling and grammar mistakes so he called me lazy and he called me a ‘dullard’ (Suffolk for ‘dim witted). Strangely, whenever I reviewed my essays, I couldn’t spot any errors. The spelling looked fine to my eyes. I was none of the things he called me.

  • I was, in fact dyslexic.

  • My strengths in other subjects also seemed to go unnoticed. I was very practically minded so I was good at woodwork, metalwork and I had an aptitude for Maths but those days of embarrassment and humiliation in my English lessons always haunted me.  I left school with very few qualifications and spent my late teens working on the land in the beautiful county of Suffolk. I felt comfortable and carefree behind the wheel of a tractor or a combine harvester spending long summer days going up and down rows of barley. 

  •  I vowed never to put myself in a situation where any superior could undermine my ability to do something or achieve something. I was always determined to be my own boss, to ‘paddle my own canoe’.  For the last ten years, I have run a successful transport business which operates between London and Italy.

  • The ideas for my books have been in my head for decades, along with my belief that I was hopeless at English. Now, as a man in my early sixties, I feel the need for redress, to bury my demons and write my stories.

  • I hope you enjoy reading them.

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